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Are you worried about preparing your climb for the first time to Mount Rinjani? Well, we are here as Rinjani Trekking Organizer Services to offer your convenience in managing your climbing needs.
We offer an adventurous trip to Mount Rinjani National Park and its surrounding with Rinjani Trekking Package in Private Tour or Sharing Tour (join with groups.)

You will guided by our experienced teams (friendly guides and porters) who will take a very good care of the visitors. They all are trained and very fast to take an immediate sollution in every situation, we also provide trekking equipments based on a high sanitary standard.
We look forward to offer the best service as our No. 1 priority because we know that you probably climb Mount Rinjani once in your life time.

If you have issue with fitness level , time and budget, feel free to discuss with us, we will always have solutions so you can still climb.

With years of experience for Rinjani Trekking Organizer Services, we will make sure to make your climb memorable, managed and organized professionally by Local people.

Meet Mr.Yannick. The Local Rinjani trekker. He is one of the undeniable experienced trekkers who has been alllegedly working over 10 years in Mount Rinjani untill nowadays. He has already worked at small and big Rinjani trekking rganizer services companies, so that experiences have taught him how to offer better services than any other companies in other to get the unforgetable Rinjani trekking experiences. He also obviously has had the sweetest and the most painful experiences throughout trekking at Mount Rinjani, that’s why he is always figuring out on how to manage the best trekking instead of the worst.

There's Why You Must Chose Yannick Trekker

Best price guarantee, we are direct operators, we do not work with intermediaries.

With longstanding experience, our network is spread in various places so that it is easy to support the tours that we organize around the island of Lombok, Bali, Sumbawa, and Comodo Island.

We understand the comfort you want, first during this pandemic, so we keep sanitizing equipment before and after each use. Likewise with the guides and porters who accompany you while on the mountain while maintaining cleanliness and free of garbage

Most Popular Mount Rinjani Trekking Tour Trip

Here are some of the featured packages on Rinjani Trekking over the last few years, be it through Sembalun Trek, Senaru Trek, and Torean Trek.
We are also available in Private Packages and Sharing Packages (Joining Groups).

Trekking Rinjani to Summit and Sembalun Rim


Trekking To Summit Rinjani 372 MASL
  • Appeals to those short time of vacation in Lombok
  • Highly Recommended For Expert Trekker/ Climber
  • Trekking by same trails ( start and end from Sembalun village )
  • Its provides spectacular views during trek route
  • Sunset at The Rim and sunrise from Summit Rinjani 3.726 MASL
Sharing Available
Starting from Sembalun to the crater rim Sembalun, camp overnight in tent, climb Rinjani summit, down to Lake and swim at hot spring


Trekking To Summit, Lake, & Hotspring
  • Design to explore all side of mount Rinjan
  • Recommended For Beginner or Expert Trekker/ Climber
  • Start From Sembalun treking trail and return or directly Senaru trekking route
  • 2 times of amazing Camp (Sembalun RIm & Segara Anak Lake
  • Amazing Sunset at The Lake and Get bating at Hot Spring
Sharing available
At Senaru Crater rim when Trekking To Summit Lake Senaru Rim


Trekking To Summit, Lake, Senaru Rim
  • Specially packaged design for those of you who want extra time
  • Recommended for family vacation or honeymoon time
  • Hiking start from Sembalun Village and will be finish in Senaru Village
  • Provide amazing view of Rinjani, Cave, and Lake
  • Amazing experience of Fishing at Segara anak Lake
Trekking To Summit Lake Return Torean Trail


Trekking To Summit, Lake Return Via Torean
  • This's best seller Trekking Package around 2022 season
  • Recommended for expert Trekker/ Climber
  • Trekking Start from Sembalun Village and will be finish at Torean Village
  • Pass through unique paths, such as savanna, forest, to valleys like jurassic park
  • Provide amazing view of Gua Susu (Cave) and Waterfall
Trekking Rinjani to Torean Extra Time


Trekking To Summit, Lake Return Via Torean
  • Appeals for those of you who want extra time while at Segara Anak Lake
  • Recommended for Beginner and expert Trekker/ Climber
  • Trekking Start from Sembalun Village and will be finish at Torean Village
  • Pass through unique paths, such as savanna, forest, to valleys like jurassic park
  • Pass through unique paths, such as savanna, forest, to valleys like jurassic park
trekking to senaru crater rim


Hiking & Trekking To Senaru Crater Rim
  • Appeals to those short time of vacation to Rinjani
  • Highly Recommended For Beginner trekker
  • Trekking by same trails ( start and end from Senaru village )
  • Its provide spectacular views during trek route with flora and fauna
  • Sunset at The Rim and sunrise Senaru Crater Rim 2641 MASL

What their say about Yannick Trekker Services

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Incredible Company, Guide and Porter There were 13 in our group and we booked D2N trekking with Yannick. He gave us a reasonable price for our group. Not too much Expensive but provide an excellent service. Yannick was very kind and patience in answering all of our questions by WhatsApp. We were picked up from the airport and were sent to the Hotel which is a very nice hotel. We met Mr. Yannick. He explained the walking plan and we paid all the money there. Yannick Trekker is the Best company for Rinjani! Highly recommended!
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Awesome people to entrust yourself to! : My friend and I took on the 3D2N trekking package that started from Sembalun and ended at Senaru. Yannick was really patient and responsive to my multiple emails and enquiries - just because I couldn't decide if I was gonna do it alone and which package to take up. Our guide - Juden - and our two porters (sorry I didn't manage to remember both names) were really helpful and nice. Juden especially was really patient with me and guided me throughout the entire climb. He made me feel safe and encouraged me entirely throughout the hike with his few words of, "It's okay, slow and steady, one step at a time."
Bryan L
Bryan L@BryanL2349
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Hospitable, Caring and Capable. The Best Guides You Need For Your Hike! My friends and I took the 3D2N package from Sembalun. Throughout the journey, Yannick's guides were very caring and hospitable, always ensuring that the group was comfortable and and in going strong. We liked the food they prepared for us and the tents were comfortable and spacious. They were also very capable and fit. They led the group strongly throughout the journey. Highly recommended guides.
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Awesome guide and porter! 3D2N package, mix Our guides speak really good English especially Yannick and Budi! We took 3D2N package, but sadly we didn't make it to the summit, and it's just 100m away T__T and the time is already 7am. It is either we continue to reach the submit and go back the same way to senaru or we turn back and proceed to the lake and to sembalun, we choose the latter one. Even though it's just 3D2N, it's a very memorable experience and i really like the team, they add more fun to this trip (the chefs as well)! I'll come back again to complete the 100m!

Useful Info About Mount Rinjani Trekking Activity

Popular Ascent Route For Get Trekking Mount Rinjani

rinjani trekking map for rinjani trekking ascent route

Serious trekkers should explore the options of staying on the mountain Rinjani Trekking for 3 nights or more with a planned trek that takes in the crater rim, down to the lake shore, the absolute summit and more. Such treks normally start in either Senaru or Sambulan Lawang however in the last couple of years some other routes have opened including the Benang Stokel, Timbanuh and Torean routes.

There’s What to Do Around Of Mt. Rinjani
Climbing is a sport category to train fitness and pamper yourself with beautiful panoramas that can only be found on Mount Rinjani.
From every destination you visit during Rinjani trekking, there are various things you can do besides just Trekking and Hiking or Climbing.
Among the various things you can do include:
1. Trekking and Hiking
2. Hike to the Peak
3. Camping at Crater Rim (either Sembalun crater rim or Senaru rim crater) and Segara Anak Lake Camp Site
4. Fishing in Segara Anak
5. Take a hot bath at Aik Kalak Hot Spring
6. See the Caves
7. Adventure and so on

Whats to See Around Mount Rinjani Lombok

Over 20 villages surround Mt. Rinjani and there are many routes up the mountain, but the main access is from Senaru in the north and Sembalun Lawang to the east.

what to see around rinjani mountain

Gunung Rinjani national park lies within the major transition zone (Wallace) where the flora and fauna of south East Asia makes a dramatic transition into that which is typical of Australia. The park has a rich variety of plants and animals, although they can be hard to spot due to the terrain and rainforest cover.