A planty varieties of flora and fauna emblazoned as far as eyes can see.

Crater rim
On there enchating views can be seen stretching from west to east. At west point, 3 gilis (gili air-gili meno-gili trawangan) can be seen by naked eyes ploating in middle of Lombok strait with a sacred Mt.Agung in bali and an ivory sunset. At east point , Mt.Rinjani , Mt.Baru jari and the pascinating lake can be easily seen offering their beauties.

The present crescen-shape of segara anak lake lies at the height +2008m above the sea level, wich has an area of + 11.126 ha and depth 160 up to 230m, eventhough data measured in 1925 yields + 250m in depth. After the explosion in 1994, the lake depth measured in 1951 was 200m in depth, with the area of 11.000 ha as a result of silting of the lake.

Hot spring
Hot spring are formed by surface water the flows deep down to the eart through cracks and contacts with magma then rising to the furface as hot spring.

On the summit
At 3.726m above sea level the highest point of Lombok, to be on the top of Mt.Rinjani as a pride. At this point many thing can be seen such like:
Sumbawa island on the eastern part with small gilis and its volcano.
Bali island on the western part with Mt.Agung.
And almost whole areas of Lombok including gilis, hills, and the cities will be flicker like mesmerizing pearls in the night