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Organize an adventurous trip with an eco-friendly program. Let’s creat a new atmostphere throughout your holiday in lombok by joining us at www.yannicktrekker.com. We always look forward in order to offer our best service for your satisfaction. Oganized by Mr.Yannick Indigenous Lombok.

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My name is Yannick, I was born in Mataram ( capital city of west lombok ) I’m now living at Senaru village which is one of the most fascinating place in lombok that offers Rinjani as its landmark. I began my carier as a trekking guide since 2000 until nowadays. I had worked as a porter for 3 years and I have approximately been working as a trekking guide for 9 years.

about yannick trekker senaru lombok

I have already worked at small companies and big companies such like Rinjani Master, Rinjani Trekking Center, John’s Adventure, and Green Rinjani. Experiences have taught me how to offer better services than any other companies in order to get the unforgettable trekking experiences.

I’m Not only focus on building my carrer, I’m also giving a chance to my employees ( porters ) by helping them improving their skill especially in English. So that one day they will be the next trekking guide

I obviously have had the sweetest and the most painful experiences throughout trekking, that’s why I’m always figuring out on how to manage the best trekking instead of the worst because I knows that you probably climb Mt. Rinjani once in your lifetime.

So that’s a brief profile that gives you an idea about Yannick Trekker Senaru Lombok which can give you an idea of ​​our professionalism as Mount Rinjani Trekking Service Organizer. For more details, you can see the details of the services available to us below.

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