benefits of rinjani trekking

Benefits of Rinjani trekking activities for Local peoples

Benefits of Rinjani Trekking : Mt.Rinjani is well-known as the most iconic mountain in lombok that provides a planting mesmerizing places to explore. Enriched with many unique varieties of flora and fauna saved in the nature situation.

Through my experience and knowledge  about climbing as we maintain the preservation of a clean and healthy natural environment, I managed to establish a company of its own called Yannic Trekker  to open employment and preserve nature around the environment of Gunung Rinjani and in the villages of Senaru and Sembalun.

The magic of Rinjani itself aims to make it easy for climbers to travel up Mount Rinjani with the best service and will impress you and not get bored from the beginning to the end of your trip with the team of Yannic Trekker  Senaru Rinjani Lombok Indonesia.

Mount Rinjani National Park also provides many benefits for the people of Lombok especially those of us who live below the foot of the mountain.
Now Rinjani is one of the most popular hiking destinations in the world so that many visitors from various countries come every years to enjoy its beauty.
With so many tourists visiting the local community, of course, they can get some work such as becoming a porter, becoming a guide and also becoming a local trekking organizer.

Go with the Best Trekking Organizer
Why Choose Yannick Trekker ?
Management with Local Wisdom
Bringing you to get to know Rinjani and the surrounding environment such as the concept of life of the local community and the traditions it adheres to, the natural environment around Rinjani with the provisions in it, so that it is always harmonious for a better future. Because we are sure, you will not find it in your home environment, so that it can be an added value that brings you at the same time on a local content education tour

Professional Rinjani Guide and Local Porter
Ensuring comfort, safety and satisfaction of visitors / clients is the top priority in every tour that we run, so it is an obligation for us to bring local guides and porters who fully understand every need in Mount Rinjani Trekking and always get training and control from the mountain National Park Rinjani.

Contributing to the Neighborhood
It’s very arrogant if we only prioritize company profits without thinking about contributing to the nature around where we work. As a matter of fact, we provide 5% of the cost of the Mount Rinjani Trekking Tour package that you pay. Was donate for rehabilitation and Deer Conservation of the natural environment around the slopes of Mount Rinjani.

Comfortable accommodation and tasteful food
When we start picking you up at the airport or other places, it is our duty to directly provide security and comfort services ranging from private vehicles for pickup, safe and comfortable hotel accommodation from natural disasters and social disasters, as well as food intake that you receive during with us.

Quality Camping Equipment.
We only use high quality camping equipment (Private property company Yannic Trekker ) to keep climbers as comfortable as possible when outdoors. Our tents are warm, waterproof, roomy, and very suitable for climbing Rinjani. We provide thick foam bed pads and warm sleeping bags for all clients, along with trekking poles. Because we are not a company that rents trekking equipment to other companies.

So there’s benefits of rinjani trekking tour with Yannick Trekker for local peoples around of Mount Rinjani Lombok

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