What to do at rinjani

Climbing it is as an exercise category to train your fitness and spoil yourselves with a scenic panorama that only can be found in Mt.Rinjani.

Crater rim
Ending your last pace in hard day with a cup of tea or coffee in your hands while enjoying the lake views and sunset. When the hight falling down, tents are built to protect you from altitude themperature.

Segara anak lake
Usually, we will arrive at this spot at 10:30-11:30 am, sweeming in the lake as the best choice to refresh your body and power. The water will recharge your stamina after sweeming in it. Sunbathing will be the second choice to refrain your body from coldness.
Stretching your muscle, rejunivating your mind while in haling the distinctive aroma of sulfur contained in it, let your mind flying in a spiritual sensassion.

Top of Rinjani
Ending up your struggle on the summit with a big pride and extachy. Shouting and screaming out loud is allowed here, taking some pictures with a large smile while holding a plank written 3.726m above sea level.

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