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Our Targets


  • Climbing Mt.Rinjani as a new alternative of a healthy vacation to further test your fitness and burn the calory while sightseeing.

  • In some places of Rinjani National Park area, there are still local people who live in destitution as being unemployed, low-educated and depending on the forest to fulfill  their  daily needs. Tragically, they are hunting the animals and cutting down the trees. As we know, it’s obviously a frightening  scourge if we keep letting them hunting the extinct animals and cutting down the trees the preserved plants. It will be gradually threatening and destroying the ecosistems. That’s why we’re right now figuring out to educate  them by improving their environmental awareness and giving them proper  jobs.

  • A number of visitors either locals or foreigners climb Mt.Rinjani every year  ( high season  July –September ). It obiously has caused plenty garbages either organic or non-organic laying scattered throughout th areas. That’s  the No 1 reason why our company has made a brilliant program in order to preserve our  environtment to our next generation. Our guides and porters are obliged to bring their trashes down to our office in Senaru  and they will definitely rewarded for that. It’s sort of a simple way but will cause a big impact for the future. And it also will make the people aware of an importance of an environmental  health.

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